Five Tips on Preparing Your Laundry for Washing and Drying

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Without a doubt, the prospect of doing the laundry is dreaded by the typical person. In point of fact, there are a number of tips associated with the chore of laundry that can make the whole process far easier and much less of a drudge. By paying attention to the do’s and don’ts referenced in this article, you will be well on your way to mastering the care and cleaning of your everyday clothing.

These tips are designed not only to make certain that your clothing is spotless once cleaned but these suggestions are provided to extend the life of your garments and to save you sacred time in the process.


Soak, Soak, Soak

One of the biggest problems that most people face when dealing with laundry is the task of making certain that stained clothing comes clean. The typical person in this day and age lacks the time to spend pre-treating and scrubbing away at pieces of clothing in hopes that a stain will disappear.

The best technique that you can employ in dealing with removing stains and making certain that your clothing comes out sparkling clean is to presoak your wash every time. The practice of presoaking is simple and requires very little time and almost no effort on your part.

When it comes to presoaking, simply add the proper amount of laundry detergent to water drawn into your washer. Make certain that the detergent is thoroughly blended throughout the water. When this is completed, add your clothing. Allow your washables a chance to soak for between twenty to thirty minutes before you begin the regular wash cycle.

Always Sort Your Colors

The 21st century truly is a point in history where people are overscheduled and overbooked. They simply find themselves cutting corners whenever and wherever possible. However, when it comes to time saving techniques, failing to sort out your colors when you do your laundry is not a wise course. Sure, you will save a spot of time while loading your washing machine. But, in the long run, you will find yourself spending more time replacing damaged clothing. In addition, in short speed you will discover that many of your garments do not look flattering any longer -- colors fade and become dull when colors are not properly separated before cleaning.

Don't Overload

You may think that you can save yourself a great deal of time -- and maybe even some money -- by overloading your washing machine. You may be like some people who try actually to cram upwards to two load of laundry into one machine cycle.

Clothes in the washerIn the final analysis, overloading your washing machine can have a number of negative consequences:

  • First, your clothing will not become fully clean in an overloaded machine.
  • Second, your clothing will be more apt to be burdened with detergent residue if you overload your machine.
  • Third, overloading a washing machine can end up damaging your equipment in a very short amount of time.

Instead many modern washing machines offer short or half-load cycles that when used in combination can be much more effective than fully loading a machine.

Manage Your Cycle

One of the best ways that you can ensure that your clothing enjoys a long life is to make certain that you pay attention to the type of cycle that best serves your garments. In haste, many a person pays no attention to monitoring or managing the correct wash cycle for clothing items.

While most people understand the necessity of separating out clothing items of different colors, the same people do not pay attention to the wash cycles that are called for different garments. By failing to pay attention to what type of wash cycle is best for a particular type of clothing, you will be aging your garments before their time.

Avoiding Wrinkles

There are three steps that you need to keep in mind when it comes to avoiding wrinkles in your wash. Wrinkled clothing and dealing with wrinkled clothing can be the most frustrating and time consuming element of tending to laundry.

  • First, pay attention to when your washing machine completes its work. By promptly removing your clean clothing from the washer directly after the spin cycle ends and putting the garments into a dryer will work to reduce a significant amount of wrinkling that normally is associated with laundry.
  • Second, pay attention to the temperature setting on your dryer. Do not ratchet the dryer temperature up too high. High temperatures tend to increase the presence of wrinkles in some clothing.
  • Finally, as with the washing machine, pay close attention to when your dryer completes its cycle. Remove the clothing and hang them on a quality hanger promptly in order to avoid undue wrinkling of your garments.


By making the effort to follow the five tips outlined in this article you will find that your clothing is cleaner and freer from wrinkles after each and every laundering. In addition, your garments will enjoy a longer lifetime if you do follow these pointers and suggestions. Finally, by applying the tips outlined in this article, you will end up saving yourself time and money over time.

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