Maintaining Your Wardrobe & Storage

Tips on how to maintain a manageable wardrobe; by keeping your wardrobe neat, tidy and up to date you’ll find outfits easier, avoid wrinkles and look better. Also avoid damage to your garments during storage and manage season changes

Clothing Storage Tips

This article gives tips for storing off-season garments correctly. Included are a variety of fabrics that all need to be stored differently. These tips will ensure your clothes continue to look beautiful when they come out of storage.

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Give Your Wardrobe a Makeover

Here's an article that looks at practical ways of improving the look and feel of our wardrobes, helping our clothes hang better, be more organized, look and smell great.

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Keeping It Fresh

An easy to read and informative article that provides tips to organize and maintain a relatively wrinkle free wardrobe.

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